Yoga & Massagetherapie voor holistisch welzijn in Haarlem


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Conscious Touch ~ Thai Massage Workshop voor Koppels

Discover the Healing Art of Conscious Touch and Movement together with your partner! In this morning workshop you'll learn to give each other a short & sweet massage while maintaining presence and connection. .

Data: 23-09 (vol), 25-11 (vol), 23-12, 09-03 2024

Conscious Touch ~ Thai Massage Workshop for Beginners

Discover the Healing Art of Touch and Movement
In this immersive workshop, we delve into the ancient practice of Thai Yoga Massage—an art form that seamlessly blends the benefits of yoga, massage, and energy work. Originating in Thailand thousands of years ago, this therapeutic technique focuses on restoring balance and harmony within the body.
Throughout history, Thai Yoga Massage has been revered for its holistic approach to wellness, aiming not only to alleviate physical tension but also to revitalize the mind and spirit. At its core, this practice is based on the principle that the body possesses its own innate ability to heal, and by nurturing this capacity, we unlock profound levels of relaxation and rejuvenation.
During our time together, you'll embark on a journey of exploration and learning, uncovering the fundamentals of this beautiful practice:

Date: 17-02-2024


  • 24-09 Sunday Savasana ~ Earth Element (waitlist)
  • 12-11 Sunday Savasana ~ Diwali Special
  • 30-12 Saturday Savasana ~ Winter Yin: Water Element for restful end of the year
  • 18-02 Sunday Savasana ~ Rest & Restore with Thai Massage
  • 24-03 Sunday Savasana ~ Spring Yin: Wood Element

Practical information:
All workshops are small scale/in an intimate setting
Organised at Yogacentrum the Bloementuin, Gezond Haarlem st Jorisveld nr 1.

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Sunday Savasana is from 10:30-12:30. Investment €27,50

Concious Touch ~ Thai Massage workshop voor koppels is from 09:30-13:00.Investment €125 per couple incl. drinks and snacks. 

Concious Touch ~ 1-day Thai Massage workshop voor beginners is 10:00-17:30 (incl lunch break). Investment is €125 p.person, Early Bird (before 25-12 = €115).

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