Yoga & Therapeutic Thai Massage in Haarlem

Thai Massage courses 

Thai Massage Foundation – Level 1  (Northern Style)

Would you like to learn the art of Touch? 

Start with this course addressed to everyone who wants to learn the foundations of Thai Massage. If you are a beginner you will discover an amazing way to take care of yourself and others through mindful movement and touch; if you are already a practitioner you will have a chance to repeat, practice and delve deeper in this ancient art.

Embarking on a foundation course in Thai yogamassage is like setting the cornerstone for a journey into the world of healing touch.
During this course we will delve into the fundamentals of Thai massage, covering essential techniques, basic anatomy and energetics.
You will learn about the art of touch and the principles of Thai massage, including mindfulness, compassion and metta (loving-kindness).
Through dedicated instruction, (guided) practice and feedback you will develop your touch and have a strong foundation.
By immersing yourself in this ancient tradition you are not only acquiring a valuable skill but will also be embracing a holistic approach to wellness that can profoundly impact yourself and those you touch.
The "art of touch" encompasses far more than just technique; it embodies the intuitive connection between practitioner and recipient, creating an environment of healing and relaxation.

For whom?
Exploring the ancient healing tradition of Thai massage is not only suitable for people with no experience in bodywork but also highly beneficial for Yoga teachers, Qi Gong practitioners, Shiatsu therapists, physiotherapists and bodyworkers.
Regardless of experience level or background, embracing loving kindness in Thai massage offers a transformative path toward becoming a more compassionate and effective practioner, enriching both the giver and the receiver

What will you learn?
You will learn rhythmic and static pressures applied on specific lines called “Sen” and points along the whole body: using your thumbs, palms, forearms and feet, as well as stretching and passive yoga asana.
You will be guided to carefully engage the force of gravity and correct your posture, to treat all tissues in depth and effortlessly: muscles, tendons, connective tissue, fascia layers, and internal organs. The main objective of this art is to remove obstacles and to free the flow of fluids and energy.

o The historical roots, the theoretical and practical foundations of Thai Yoga Massage
o The spiritual foundations of Thai Massage: the “Four Immeasurable” and the “Three jewels”
o The basic principles of touch and technique
o Posture and breathing during the treatment
o Benefits and contraindications
o “Sen” lines: where to find them and how to treat them
o The care of oneself, of the other and of the setting
o Feet and ankles treatment
o Sen lines on the legs
o Lower limb stretching exercises
o Treatment in side position
o General treatment of abdomen, chest, arms
o Treatment in prone position
o Sen lines on the back
o Neck and face treatment
o Final integration

o Booklet notes: general program and sequences with photos

The level 1 course will be given over 2 weekends: 

Friday afternoon & evening + Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-18:00. Dates: 25.10-27.10, 08.11-10-11 

2 weekends on Friday afternoon & evening and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-18:00

The level 1 course goes together with the level 2 course which will be offered in spring 2025 the complete course is a 10-day beginners’ course.
The formation will be completed when you follow both courses.

Language: English (Dutch translation possible).
Location: Haarlem, the Netherlands
Investment: €795, early bird €745 (until 01-09-2024)

Signing up: email or fill out the contact form! Your spot is secured once you've made the downpayment of €245.

About Flora & Fiona
Flora will be the main teacher in the course, Fiona will be organizing, hosting, co-teaching and assisting.

Flora Bisogno
After graduating in Philosophy and completing a P.hD in Cultural Anthropology (Cuba and Italy, 2010) Flora began to teach Yoga and she soon fell in love with Thai Massage, in which she found a magnificent path of transformation and compassion. Since 2012 she has studied and practiced in Europe with Sunshine Network teachers and in Thailand with different well-known and respected "traditional" masters. Her principal mentor is David Lutt.
She’s a member of the Italian Federation of Traditional Thai Massage and Master in Osteothai Massage (2019) at Lulyani School of Thai Massage & Osteothai (France). She keeps on learning, attending courses and assisting her teachers in their classes.
She gives courses in Europe and Thailand (Sunshine Massage School, Chiang Mai) with passion, kindness and care, fulfilling her vocation to immerse herself in different cultures, communities (sangha) and to cultivate heart-based connections between people.
In her classes she combines mindful touch, mindful movement, mindful communication, meditation and Dharma. She creates a nice atmosphere full of metta and smiles and she follows each student carefully so that no one is left behind. Since 2010 she has been blessed to follow the teachings of the Vietnamese zen monk Thich Nath Hanh. 

Fiona Straathof
Fiona graduated from the Master English language & literature in 2005 and completed a post-graduate teaching programme in 2006. She was teaching in secondary and higher education from 2004-2017.
Yoga has been an important part of her life since the early 2000s: she has studied and practiced Raja Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga with dedicated and respected teachers such as Judith Lasater. Her yoga- and meditation practice has been her anchor throughout her adult life. When she quit her job in 2017 she started working as a yogateacher.
Gradually the focus shifted from teaching yoga to practicing Thai Massage. She followed her first Thai massage workshops in 2010 but has started seriously studying this beautiful art in more recent years. Fiona now works fulltime as a Thai massage therapist in her flourishing practice.
She has a solid foundation in traditional Thai Massage and has also completed several Dynamic Thai and Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) courses. She now mainly studies with teachers from the Sunshine Network and has started studying Osteothai (a combination of Osteopathy and Thai Massage) with David Lutt in 2023.
Yoga and Thai massage are a way of life for her and it’s her dream & passion to spread the love for Thai Massage in her hometown Haarlem.  Every day she feels blessed to be living her passion, to be part of the sangha and to be connecting with people through the art of touch.