'Taking time out to relax and renew is essential to living well.'

Private Sessions

Why private sessions?

  • 1:1 attention
  • Develop a home-practice.
  • Cultivate a stronger meditation practice. Learn about other aspects of yoga, besides poses.
  • Address specific health-issues or personal goals.

Restorative Yoga & Energy Healing

Reduce stress and anxiety in your life by practicing restorative yoga. In a private session I can tailor to your needs, so you can fully rest and rebalance. 

Restorative yoga can be therapeutic for both mental issues (such as anxiety, depression & burn-out) and physical complaints (such as arthritis and backache). During sessions I might also make use of energy healing practices such as Reiki and/or Thai massage techniques. 

Private sessions are 75 to 90 mins.

Price for individual instruction: €75 for a 75 min session. Often several sessions are needed to notice progress. It is possible to book 3 sessions for €200. You can always contact me for an intake interview which is free of charge

Sessions take place at Ervaar Rust or Urbanflow, both located at Kleverpark, Haarlem. It also to book a session in the comfort of your own home or in-company,  please email me for a quote.